Man, I’m really not very good at this blogging thing am I? Turns out you have to update it every once in a while not just once a year. There’s reason for this; lack of time, lack of confidence, general writers block. However the time for excuses is over, time for actually writing something is now…ish. Even this thing I wanted to do is a few weeks late. Sue me.

One thing I do seem to write about without fail is my annual Edinburgh Fringe Adventure; Every year I head up to Scotland’s capital, eat a full Scottish breakfast at the City Cafe, see as much comedy as I can and then tell you about it. However I’m not able to do this this time round, because I’m not at Edinburgh Fringe this year…

Myself and my girlfriend did not have the greatest start to 2017 as it featured such events as relatives getting hospitalised, my girlfriend getting hospitalised herself, and my day job just being especially awful. So I made an executive decision; We need a holiday, a proper summer holiday. So we’re skipping Edinburgh this year in favour of Gozo, a lovely looking island off the coast of Malta. Where as a ginger I expect to be dodging between every spot of shade I can find for fear of exploding in the hot Mediterranean sun.

So under the circumstances the best I can do is more of an Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation type thing; a list of acts I saw previews of in the run up to August or just acts I think are bloody awesome generally.

DECLARATION: Since I’m kinda, sorta, maybe in the comedy scene this list will contain acts I’ve either gigged with, hung out with, bothered on Twitter or even consider friends. So please take the following however you want based on that information.

Glenn Moore – The Very Best of Belinda Carlisle

Glenn Moore


Managed to see Glenn’s first show Glengarry Glen Glenn last year and it was brilliant. I honestly believe he is one of the best storytellers on the scene today, mixing well crafted tales with pure randomness. It’s a joy to watch and I expect great things from this fellow. As a bonus he is also up with his double act Thunderbards which I also implore you to seek out.

Just the Tonic at The Tron (Venue 51), 18:20, on until 28th Aug

Bec Hill – Out of Order

Bec Hill

Caught a preview of this and it was one of the most surreal gig experiences I’ve had in a long time; Some random attendee decided to stage a lay down protest at the front of the room so the whole audience had to relocate to another room. However it seemed quite appropriate as the theme of her new show is exactly that; Randomness. Bec handled the whole situation in her stride and presented another solid hour of brilliant stand up. Anything with the warning ‘Immature language and references’ is well worth your time.

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14), 17:15, on until 27th Aug

Sarah Bennetto – All My Life’s Mistakes, Catalogued (Volume 1)

Sarah B

Sarah is a joy to watch, so genuinely funny and honest with every story she delivers on stage. Also she trekked all the way up to Scotland with 27 donkey piñatas on the train, so for that monumental feat alone surely she’s worth and hour of your time? You won’t regret it.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage (Venue 185), 19:30, on until 26th Aug

Paul ‘Silky’ White’s Food Fight!


In all honesty Silky is one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. A naturally funny man, dry as the Sahara and just charming to spend time with. Also he has an amazing taste in movies judging by his appearance on Aidan Goatley’s podcast ‘10 films with…’. Please check him out.

The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4 (Venue 12), 13:15, on until 27th Aug

Aidan Goatley – 10 Films With My Dad, His Granddaughter, My Wife and Her Mother-In-Law

Aidan Goatly

Ok every year I keep highlighting this show and every year more &more stuff keeps getting added to it. Mr Goatley is just brilliant at what he does, so heart-warming, honest, charming and entertaining to watch. Go see himsohe has to keep doing doing this show forever!

Sweet Grassmarket (Venue 18), 20:00, on until 11th Aug

Rik Carranza – I’m a Fan

Rik Carranza

Rik has 2 shows up in Edinburgh this year; Star Trek vs Star Wars (in which I have taken part and currently have a winning streak on…does 2 count as a streak? I’m going to say yes) and this, his new solo show. Looking into fandom and geeky passions, he’s a very funny fellow and well worth spending your time with.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170), 21:00, on until 27th Aug


Seymour Mace’s Magical Shitcakes From Heaven

Saymore Mace

Come on, it’s worth it for the title alone. Add to that Seymour is brilliant; So much hilarity, creativity and pure chaos distilled into a single being. His show last year was probably the best one we saw the whole festival and it wasn’t just because he gave us a free banana…and he stroked my girlfriends hair with a pair of mannequin hands… anyhoo, go see him.

The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4 (Venue 12), 13:30, on until 27th Aug

Tom Goodliffe‘s Coffee Run


Do you like coffee? Do you like comedy? Do you like drinking coffee whilst watching comedy? Well good news, this is the show for you! Every performance includes a free cup of Joe and some expert storytelling from Mr Goodliffe, recalling his quest for London Coffee. Annoyed I can’t see this one, expect lots of nervous, energetic and hyper laughing from this one.

Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302), 14:50, on until 27th Aug



Possibly one of the greatest improv troops I have ever seen in my life. They sell out every single year, I try to catch them whenever I can and I implore you to do the same if you get the chance. Taking audience suggested titles and turning it into a full hour long Jane Austen play, I’m not entirely sure how that’s possible but they do it. Go see it for yourself! Also the accompanying string section will make you feel like the very soul of high society.

Underbelly, George Square (Venue 300), 13:30, on until 28th Aug

Tom Binns is Ian D Montfort – Ian Talk Three


Got to support a fellow Sheffield lad, not that he needs it of course. Every time I leave a Tom Binns performance my sides hurt from laughing so much, and out of all the characters he does on stage my favourite hands down is the bumbling psychic Ian D Montfort. He is a hilarious force of nature, he has several shows on at the Fringe this year and I suggest you go see them all.

Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17), 20:10, on until 27th Aug

So try to not to enjoy yourself too much without me this year. Also go get a full Scottish breakfast at the city cafe, it’s good!

Have fun x


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