So the official HD non-shaky camera phone version trailer for the upcoming Deadpool movie is now online just as 20th Century Fox promised. In fact they release 2 versions; Green band (squeaky clean & censored) and Red Band (Full of tits and swears). Not sure why you would release a censored version of a trailer for a R Rated movie, but that’s a question for a wiser man than I. So here it is and…

I’m a bit worried about the whole thing.
Not about the quality of the film itself, I think it looks great. Deadpool has been a favourite of mine for over a decade and from what we see in the trailer it looks like they have the character pretty much nailed down, he Deadpools more than any Deadpool has ever Deadpooled before! No what I’m worried about is if we have another Dredd on our hands (IE A brilliant & accurate comic book adaptation that only the fan base cares about and no one else does).
The biggest crime of all; No sequel to this movie *sigh*
The biggest crime of all; No sequel to this movie *sigh*
Dredd for those of you who haven’t seen it (Which is too many of you btw) is a brilliant comic book movie; possibly one of the best depictions of a character so far (played amazingly by Karl Urban & his awesome jawline), one of the best uses of 3D in a modern movie and even the critics loved it. It reached number 1 in the UK box office in its opening weekend. However when it came to the rest of the world no one cared, so basically what I’m saying is its all Americas fault. I don’t know if it was because it was marketed poorly, whether people just automatically associated it with the crap Sylvester Stallone movie from the 90s (Although for the record the first 20mins is pretty much spot on, until he takes his helmet off and it just becomes a Sylvester Stallone movie), or because it had the misfortune to come out after another kick ass movie with a remarkably similar plot. Whether one of them or all three it bombed, really undeservedly and it saddens me that we will not be getting any sequels based on this movie yet we are still getting Adam Sandler movies on a fairly regular basis. Seriously, it keeps me up at night…
Maybe I’m just over thinking things, I’ve been hurt before after all. Deadpool is being marketed & hyped up way more than Dredd ever was; The people making the film are clearly fans themselves and really passionate about it, Ryan Reynolds himself is a massive fan of the character and is doing a wonderful job on social media and the fact he’s wearing the full outfit mask & all is a really big thing. The studio themselves have clearly learned from past mistakes and am sure won’t make any more in the near future (LOOKS MENACINGLY TOWARDS FANTASTIC FOUR, SORRY, FANT4STIC).
This thing haunts my dreams too...
This thing haunts my dreams too…
So this movie clearly has the best chance it’s going to have at being a success, I mean after all the whole reason it got greenlit was due to the internet reaction from the leaked concept trailer last year. Fingers crossed.
So what I guess I’m saying after all that rambling is that I hope this film is good and gets the success it more than likely deserves. Also watch Dredd, because it’s awesome.


  1. Totally agree with you on all points!

    Dredd was awesome and should have had way more success than it did. I was glad the creators pared it down to the simple concept and just let Dredd do what he does best, without feeling the need to go nuts on the expanded world and politics. I hope Deadpool goes the same way, really letting the character loose.

    The trailer does look decent, as you say. I’m pleased they didn’t tone down his wackiness, which is what sells the character. The choice of some of the secondary characters/villains seems a bit weird to me. No T-Bone!? But hopefully we’ll see Weasel being Weaselly and Blind Al being utterly abused. The character is genuinely psychotic so I hope they don’t mind digging a little deeper than the trailer suggests.


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