Is This A Joke? – Jared Leto’s The Joker Revealed

As part of The Joker’s 75th anniversary it was revealed what ‘The Clown Price of Crime’ will look like in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, aaaaaand…

“I’m not whoakay”

…the internet reaction was pretty much how you expect, with some hilarious results. I don’t immediately hate it like most people I’ve chatted with about it online. The self referential tattoos are a tad much and I can understand the teeth (Because Batman keeps punching them out of his head!) however my reaction is the same as most reveals from Warner Bros and their upcoming shared universe plans; “Meh” The Batman V Superman trailer dropped earlier in the month; I didn’t care, looks dull as dishwater, meh. The fact that I don’t care is what bothers me more; If I liked it or hated it at least that’s some kind of emotional response. I should be pumped for these movies, judging by the amount of comics I have on him I’d say I love Batman. But instead I just liken the experience to that of doing the ironing or sweeping my patio; It’s a thing, oh well.

Also I hate to say it but this in my opinion is not the worst version of the character we’ve ever been exposed to; In the current New 52 run rumors are he may be an immortal! In the classic 90s animated series while being brilliantly portrayed by Mark Hamill he wasn’t allowed to kill anyone. Hell, in ‘The Batman’ animated series he looked like some weird ape-like palm tree haired…thing!

Come on, look at this thing!!!

Thing is I still kinda want to see what Jared Leto brings to the roll because after all he is a brilliant actor. In fact before Heath Ledger landed the role in The Dark Knight Leto was one of my picks. The other was Sam Rockwell, but then again I’d cast him as anything because HE IS AWESOME! And I guarantee they’ll be some cosplayers out there somewhere making an outfit on this version of Mr J as we speak, so be on alert for shirtless clowns at your conventions in the summer.

Sooooo…yeah, not sure how to end this one… Let’s just see how it goes yeah? After all it is only a picture. Meh!


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