So once again my posting has become quite inconsistent, so I felt that I should do just some kind of general update type thing. Now the main thing I want to stress is that this is not a diary; That was my LiveJournal that died a long long time ago. This is a blog; Designed for enjoyment & entertainment of you lovely folk who take the time to read it. However I do feel some back ground knowledge is required.

Now, there are several obstacles that I have to get over to be able to do anything remotely creative. One lately is the day job; I have been having a bit of a meh time with it over the last few weeks. A lot of corporate reshuffling & just days where I end up having to talk to fucking idiots for hours on end usually leaves me feeling quite drained & questioning all my life choices up to this point. So unfortunately when you are having long days like that, when you get home the last thing you want to do is stare at a computer screen, and since bloging using a typewriter or a notepad wouldn’t really get me the same coverage as WordPress it means I just do nothing.

My other back up plan is just standing on street corners yelling.
My other back up plan is just standing on street corners yelling.

Another is my particular flavor of depression which I hinted at in my previous post, which I find to be a paralytic when it comes to me writing things. The previous point is a factor but also just over thinking and general head fuckery & self sabotage. I won’t go into too much details but let me just clarify; It sucks.

Although another thing which stops me however are a couple of positive things which means I’m quite busy these days; As of a few weeks ago I am back doing improv, so some live dates should hopefully come up at some point. Also I am currently looking into sketch writing (as apparently that’s where it’s at these days) and am starting a mini 6 week course soon. Hoping to find some other funny random people to do random funny things with…just to clarify that’s comedy stuff, not sex stuff.

I’m also busy with the podcast stuff which is being really well received. We’re up to four episodes now, the latest being the Halloween Special which a lot of people seem to really like. Check it out if you like banter about films, games & all manner of geeky topics that stopped me having sex as a teenage constantly. Also if you like it please leave me some reviews on Stictcher or iTunes, it would really help out. Or if you force 7 of your friends to listen to it that would be faboo. At gunpoint if needed, you totally have my permission*.

Also I’ve quit the gym; After 7 months of trying I’ve decided that it’s just really not for me. However in it’s place I have started learning Bartitsu, which is way more fun. Also I kept joking on Twitter about wanting to pull off various fighting game moves, thought I would have better luck actually learning a fighting style. Also I think learning to kill someone with my bare hands may improve my self confidence.

Hurricane Kick
*sigh* Maybe one day…

I’ve also been thinking about the content of this blog. After all, there’s only so much I can make various additions & decorating updates funny. So thinking of dropping in some more opinion pieces or reviews every now and again, try to bring back the geek in the Housebroken Geek name. Also though about compiling my first years experience of home ownership into a book. It’s just an idea, may have a think about starting something in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled!

So other than that, I’m just busy busy busy. Trying to stay positive & productive. So thank you for putting up with me, and by way of apology here’s a picture of a dog with the best poker face in the world…


You’re welcome x
*Only joking, please don’t do that**

** The gunpoint thing, not the force other people to listen


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