11 Games The Youth of Today Need to Play to Appreciate Where We Are NOW With Gaming

So on last months podcast (Which you should totally listen to as I’m really proud of it) one of the topics we discussed was what games the younger gamers of today need to play to truly appreciate where we are now with videogames & how we got there.  We showed our age…a lot. We combined  our collective consciousness and formed a geeky hive mind, together we knocked out a list of 11 games (Was supposed to be 10 but we couldn’t decide between 2 of them). Because  all the internet contains is lists of stuff, porn and cats.

The episode is online now for your enjoyment. However the one man production team Pete knocked together an info-graphic for the games we complied. Take a looksee… 

11 Games

So, interaction time; What do you  think to our choices? Do you agree with them? Are you annoyed there isn’t a single a single Mario game in there? If so, what would your top 11 be? We would love to hear from you.

Also if you liked the Podcast please consider leaving us a review on Stitcher, it would really help us out.  Also if you think anyone you know would enjoy it please tell them about it, or force them to listen at gunpoint. You have my permission to do that.

Thank you, and please drink & think responsibly.


2 thoughts on “11 Games The Youth of Today Need to Play to Appreciate Where We Are NOW With Gaming”

  1. Where is Super Mario World? Without a doubt the best 2D platformer ever??? And Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Just for funzies.

    1. I agree I feel bad for not including a Mario game. And as awesome as Zombies Ate My Neighbors is, I wouldn’t say it’s one that influence the current state of gaming.

      But it was awesome.

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