Six Things Not Commonly Known About Me…

So I was tagged in one of those Facebook Memes the other day by my lovely friend Jill (Who helped pretty up this blog).  I have to divulge six facts about myself that is not common knowledge. However rather than just put this on Facebook  I decided to do it as a blog post, for the following reasons;

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here
  2. Might be able to go into a bit more detail here than I could on Facebook
  3. Fuck Facebook

So in an attempt to get the writing juices flowing again (Eww…) and to add some much needed content I give you…

Six Things Not Commonly Known About Philip Mason  (FANFARE

1.  I only have one kidney

No I didn’t lose it in a bar room brawl or sold it on the black market for rent money, it’s something far more mundane & boring! I simply was born with only one. Also it was discovered completely by accident on a random hospital check. Apparently it can be quite common for people to be born missing a kidney or lung and have no idea unless the doctors go out of their way to look.

2.  I wanted to be a Cartoonist when I was growing up

I loved cartoons, still do. When I was little me and my parents spent most Saturday evenings down at the local social club in the village where we lived. My parents had a nice social drink with my Auntie & Uncle, did the quiz & bingo, it was quite quaint & nice. I however spent most of the evening drinking coke & drawing in my sketch book; I must have drawn for hours, all sorts of things. My idol at the time was Rolf Harris (So THAT was really awkward when that all came out in the news lately) and I had all his books on how to draw.  I had several A4 folders full of drawings, sketches, comics I came up with. But when I grew up into secondary school I needed some folders for something, so I threw all my drawings away. I have no idea why I did that. Looking back it would have been nice to hang onto them. I’ve tried to get back into it before but I’m just not good enough for the content online these days. I can draw characters looking the same over multiple frames for comics & now Photoshop and all sorts of digital jiggery-pokery is involved that I can’t get my head around. Still the doodles I come up with every now and again still amuse…

Yeah I’m worried about me too…

3.  I have been to Music College

Before I went to university I spent a year at music college; When I finished 6th Form I had no idea what to do with myself (Still don’t truth be told), partly because the school messed  up my UCAS form and I just told them to screw themselves. Also I kinda lost interest in my education during my final year, all except for Film Studies. I tried to inquire about going to Hallam myself without the schools help, however I didn’t have the grades. Luckily my Mum ran into one of my Infant school teachers who suggested since I play the guitar to try Red Tape Studios.  What followed was 50 weeks of non-stop playing the guitar and the grades I got in the end meant I got onto the following years Film Studies course automatically (Which really pissed off an ex-girlfriend of mine at the time who was struggling to get into one of the London universities), it was awesome.

CLAIM TO FAME: My lecturer at Red Tape was a lovely man called Omith Mukherjee. Do you remember that 90s hit How Bizarre by OMC? You know the classical guitar bits? That’s him!

4.  I’m a physical wreck

Don’t want to give away too many physical weaknesses here in case any future enemies use this information against me, but basically I’m a wreck. I have a bad knee from 6th Form; My friend Mark drop kicked me in the knee while playing football, I have still never forgiven him for this. Also I have a bad back from a car crash I was in as a kid; A demolition lorry piled into the back of our car because the breaks failed. It’s ok though, I got a payout & my chiropractor is very good.

5.  I suffer from depression 

As a result of a mental breakdown I had a few years ago I now suffer from bouts of ongoing depression. I’ve managed to pull myself together again since then, however there’s a few pieces missing. But I don’t seek medical assistance with it because 1) I’ve tried anti-depressants before and they just make me feel crap, and 2) I feel this slight imbalance is where a lot of my creativity & funny stuff comes from and I don’t want to lose that. So basically I’m suffering for your amusement, you’re welcome…

And finally

6.  I’ve met the original Captain Birdseye

Yes, that Captain Birdseye. Well, the original 90s one, not the stupid sexy action man one they brought in later. Most of my childhood holidays we went to Bournemouth. One year we went and in the main shopping mall Birdseye was there doing some huge promotion thing and he was there! And we got to meet him! He was a lovely man and it’s one of my most fondest childhood memories. So much so, many years ago when I attended a regular club night in Sheffield I have been out dressed like him…


I know, I’m so cool…





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