Communication Breakdown 2: The Breakening

So I’ve been ill again…

Last time it was because my back exploded, this time it was a really heavy cold/flu type

thing that has been going on for just over 5 weeks! I’ve had pretty much every symptom you can think of over this month & a bit: Sore throat, runny nose, blocked ears, insomnia, dizziness, aches & pains, tiredness, craving for soup. Pretty sure at various points I resembled a victim of the motaba virus. In a word, it sucked.


Important thing to know about me: I don’t do man flu. I’m far too busy to let something as annoying as an illness stop me from going about my business. So if something stops me dead in my tracks, it must be something serious. I carried on going to work and in the end it resulted in me being sent home and ordered to stay off, which is the first time a manager has ever told me to do that (My new manager is super good at looking after his staff). After being harassed by everyone I know to go see a doctor I finally went to go see one. I don’t really like doctors, mainly because none of them are John C McGinley. So due to the length of time I’ve been ill she gave me some antibiotics to try & knock it out of my system. Well I’ve just swallowed my last antibiotic and while I’m still not 100% fighting fit, to be honest I never have been & I now at least feel able to function again.

Being ill and living on your own sucks for me especially. Not for the obvious reason of ‘there’s no one to look after me can someone please bring me some soup?’, but because things just build up around you; Washing piles up, dust settles, surfaces need wiping, carpets need hoovering, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You want to do them, but every time you get up from the sofa the world becomes louder & you just lie back down. There’s jobs that need doing but you just don’t have the energy, strength or motivation. My main routine became ‘go to work, leave work, come back home, eat, sleep’ and it drove me mad. Same with my creative outlets; this blog, my music, my new stuff I’m working on. Your head is so fuzzy you just can’t focus on anything. So instead you just lay back & watch another Man VS Food episode on Dave.

And of course especially annoying thing here: As I have covered previously Sod’s Law exists and is a totally real phenomenon. Just before I got ill, as part of my self development plan for this year I had literally just joined a gym. So I have just wasted my first months membership as I have been too ill to do anything… *grumble* Although not ill enough to use the steam room! Oh my GOD relief like you could not imagine!

Anyhoo hopefully all systems should be returning back to normal soon. I am still a very busy chap, but one benefit from lying on the sofa for the past few weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to come up with some ideas for stuff on here. And hopefully I will find the time to subject you to them in due course.

Right then, where are the multi-vitamins? I’m going to OD on them for the next few months…


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