Regarding Hobbits & Their Rings…

I’ve been to see The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug three times. Not because I’m a mega Tolkien fan boy or anything, actually far from it; I saw it once in 3D, second time I got free tickets to see it in IMAX, third because my Dad wanted to see it. Feel free to deduct me geek points but I’m not a huge of Tolkien’s fantasy world. I loved the Hobbit book when I was younger, but I personally found the Lord of the Rings books hard work & a bit of a awkward read so never really liked them. I did however love the film adaptations, so was intrigued when Peter Jackson picked up the reigns to pick up where his trilogy started. Then they announced it was going to be ANOTHER trilogy. It does amuse me that it’s actually quicker to read the original 276 page book than watch the films, but anyway… 

Having seen the second Hobbit film three times I have had plenty of time to think about, analyse & generally ponder feelings towards it. Firstly I do think it’s a lot better than the first one; An Unexpected Journey took a long time to get going & when it did not a lot seemed to happen, it felt very much like just the set up for what was to follow. Desolation of Smaug however hits the ground running, picking up the action right from where the previous film left of. Although both films tone does seem to be a bit darker than the original book, which was very much designed for children.

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" - Legolas
“I’m not even supposed to be here today!” – Legolas

In regards to all the new stuff I really don’t mind, as I said I’m far from a Tolkien purest. One of my friends on the other hand is and described his viewing of the film like rubbing burning sand into his eyes. I myself didn’t mind Legolas turning up, he’s one of the few characters from Lord of the Ring who would be able to in theory & if he does he may as well be a total fucking bad-ass while he’s there! Also I think it’s cool that the film thought of something for Gandalf to be doing while the Dwarf party does their thing, as even as a small child reading the book I found it very strange that the wizard just buggers off at one point for no real reason. And Evangeline Lilly turning up as an awesome redhead strong female character who is equally as bad-ass as her male counterpart, in fact maybe more so, I fully approve of. Although this is immediately detracted by the fact that she randomly falls in love with one of the Dwarfs for NO APPARENT REASON!!!

A redhead who likes short guys with beards...this is my dream woman
A redhead who likes short guys with beards…this is my dream woman

But as much as that plot thread started to grind even on the third viewing (I felt like screaming “Don’t give a crap about the elf/dwarf love, back to the dragon please! The dragon is awesome!” in the screening at several points) there was something that nagged at my mind even more so…

I’m not sure how I feel about ‘The One Ring’ starting to corrupt Bilbo with pretty much immediate effect.

Remember kids; Drugs are bad, so are evil magical doom rings
Remember kids; Drugs are bad, so are evil magical doom rings

At this point I always thought it was just a magic ring that turned it’s wearer invisible, it was only much much later in Lord of the Rings it turned out to be the weapon of ultimate evil destruction. Which by the way I still don’t get how it “works” even after all this time as an evil villains ultimate weapon. The Death Star is a way better example, blows planets up, much easier to understand. But side notes aside at this point it was just a magic ring, hiding for over 80 years in story time. Awaiting “it’s masters call” to paraphrase Gandalf. And if you’re an evil piece of jewelry I’m pretty sure the best way to stay hidden is to not draw attention to yourself by turning the guy carrying you into a junkie! When Frodo carried it, when it was revealed as the evil thing it truly is, it took him way longer to be effected by it’s influence.

His Uncle Bilbo on the other hand pretty much becomes an angry, twitchy, whimpering, jewelry stroking nutter the first chance he gets. The gradual corruption of Frodo in Lord of the Rings was much more interesting to see unfold. Especially so as at this point in the story the ring isn’t the main focus of the story & not as important. Well, with the exception of using it to get past a giant fire-breathing dragon of course…


So I have to wait another year or so to see how this whole thing wraps up. I’m especially interested as to my knowledge there’s only 2 chapters left in the book, not sure how they’re going to stretch that one out to 3 hours!


2 thoughts on “Regarding Hobbits & Their Rings…”

  1. If the corruption to Bilbo has been so sudden, how the hell is he going to survive 60 years hanging out in The Shire? Makes no sense in the grand scheme of things.

    Also, it totally makes sense for Legolas to be in Mirkwood – he’s the prince and I’m sure if Tolkien knew he was going to write LotR after The Hobbit, Legolas would’ve been in the former. 🙂

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