Sod’s Law

I am a firm believer in the natural occurring phenomenon known as ‘Sod’s Law’. For those of you not familiar with this term here’s the best definition that Wikipedia could offer:

Sod’s law is a name for the axiom of “bad fortune will be tailored to the individual” and “anything that can go wrong, will”. “Toast will always land butter side down” is often given as an example of Sod’s law in action. The phrase is seemingly derived, at least in part, from the colloquialism an “unlucky sod”; a term for someone who has had some bad unlucky experience, and is usually used as a sympathetic reference to the person.

For example: Forgetting your umbrella and later it starts to rain, or you need to call someone for some important reason and your mobile phone runs out of power. I have seen these things happen & had them happen to me too many times to be just passed of as “being unlucky” or a fluke. ‘Sod’s Law’ is real, it’s nature, it has laws, and I’m sure one day a better scientific mind will figure out a way to predict & prevent this blight on our daily lives.

I swear it was sunny a minute ago...
I swear it was sunny a minute ago…

I have noticed however that the probability of this phenomenon occurring greatly increases when you own your own home. I’m sure many of you have experienced this yourself; You are about to shower before going to work, only for you to run out of hot water. You hang the washing out on a sunny day, only for there to be a sudden rainstorm blow over out of nowhere. You’re cooking Christmas Dinner, but the oven breaks half way through cooking the turkey. There’s way more things all interconnected, all near each other, that can go wrong. It’s this that I believe causes ‘Sod’s Law’ to occur. Well I myself have fallen to quite a common one; My central heating isn’t working and we’re right in the middle of winter.

I returned from spending Christmas with my parents to a freezing cold house. I could see my breath, it was like walking into Pingu’s front room!


I was not impressed. I examined the boiler to the best of my abilities (I’m quite the luddite with anything that’s not a games console). I had hot water still but it wasn’t powering the central heating, and oddly enough the multiple & quite dense instruction booklets were not helping much. As luck would have it the boiler was serviced not long ago, the helpful boiler man even left a sticker on the boiler with his contact details, I rang his mobile right away…

Now this is where another stage of ‘Sod’s Law’ comes kicking in; Timing! Not only did my central heating break when the weather was freezing cold, that’s annoying enough. But also it broke during the festive holidays. I would not be able to get helpful boiler man out to look at this for me until after the new year! Bugger.

Fortunately I was prepared; For the last few years my default present from my Mum & Dad was jumpers, so I had quite the extensive collection I could use to layer up. There’s no level of cold I can’t handle. Also my parents managed to borrow a few electric oil heaters from a neighbor, a quick wipe down later and I strategically placed them around my house where I needed them.

Currently my best friend in the whole world
Currently my best friend in the whole world

I’m surviving fine, it’s just annoying more than anything. But on the bight side at least my heating bill will be down this quarter. In fact if the current state of my bank account following December is anything to consider I may just keep this practice going for a bit longer.

There’s always more jumpers.


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