Christmas Tree

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve been able to enjoy the Christmas season. I previously worked in retail for a long time, so for me the “season” started around the end of September. The crappy store Christmas music, the stupid customers, the latent homicidal tendencies growing, did not put me in the best of moods during the long build up to December. I was not what you called a ‘Christmasy’ person, The Grinch had got nothing on me. However now that I have left that life behind, in recent years I’ve actually been able to sit back and enjoy the build up to the holiday season.

This is the first Christmas I’ve had in my new house, so as such I felt like I needed to get into the holiday spirit & put up some decorations. However I do not have any of my own just yet. Partly because I’m spending money on important things like bills & more bills. Also December has left my bank account looking like the wasteland from a Fallout game, although I’m assured that everyone’s is like that this time of year. But luckily my parents have amassed loads of Christmas decoration stuff in their loft and were more than happy throw some my way.

This belonged to my Great-Grandmother...better not break it then!
This belonged to my Great-Grandmother…better not break it then!

So they came round the other weekend, spare tree & bag of decorations in hand. Me & Dad put the tree together while Mum started making me bows from ribbon, later I made us dinner, it was a really nice family orientated day. There was a few ornaments for my windowsill I got from my Nan when I was younger, also an epilepsy-enducing fiber optic tree that belonged to my Godmother. I recognized some of the decorations from my own childhood Christmases, as we sorted through the decorations & started putting them on the tree together I began to notice something. My parents hadn’t just chosen things at random; they actually went through all their stuff & found specific things they wanted me to have. There’s a decoration that’s a little wooden house, they wanted me to have it to represent my new house. There was a large heart-shaped bauble that was on my Nan’s tree. Dad pointed out a few decorations that belonged to his Grandmother that he used to put on her tree as a kid, that means that one green frosted pinecone is at least more than sixty years old!

And that’s when I realized something; I hadn’t just got a Christmas tree in my living room, it’s a mass of family heirlooms. There’s ornaments & trimmings on that fake plastic conifer that are older than me, older than my parents. Adornments from past Christmases going back 4 generations. And with some new red & gold baubles from B&Q I myself had now contributed to it.  When you think about it this is something quite huge!


Not sure what point I’m trying to make here, just that it’s something really nice.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone.


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