Communication Breakdown

Hi there peoples of the internets!

Just a quick update to apologize for the lack of updates recently, I know in my bio it says they may be quite sporadic but this is kinda taking the piss. If it helps it’s not entirely my fault, I’ve had a couple of live gigs (one of which I got tricked into) & some writing for other websites. However the main thing has been the fact that I severely injured my back (which I will write about in detail at some point) and some issues with my depression (which I won’t write about if you don’t mind).

Either way I have noticed how much I suck. I want to stick to this, to have a semi-regular release window of pieces, and for this fine blog to be a corner stone of my online comedy empire.

In fact some news on that front; Currently developing a monthly podcast with local comedians & venues, so watch this place.

Either way I am sorry and i promise you there will be some more inane ramblings from myself & my ongoing domestication. As part of my apology, here’s a picture of Danny Trejo as M. Bison…


You’re welcome…


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