Welcome to Los Santos

So this update was supposed to be about Neighbors (Which I’m still working on), however a recent event has taken priority and I feel i have to pass a brief comment on it:

I bought GTA V

I caved, I broke, I’m only a man I’m not made of stone. My Twitter feed is just full of people going on & on about how awesome it is, everyone I know is playing it. I have stuff to do, projects to work on, a play to rehearse.  But despite this I just couldn’t take it any more, I gave in. Yesterday I took some games down to trade in and I now own the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Also I’m quite interested in the debate/controversy surrounding the story/characterization in this game (Which is one of the main reasons I love the GTA series, the characters are really good). Only played a few hours so just wanted to voice my initial thoughts about the game having just entered the world of Los Santos…

Sensory overload!

There is sooooooooo much going on all at the same time at all times! I’ve got tutorial boxes popping up all over the place, so much so that I’m too distracted to drive and I plow into the back of other cars on the road…repeatedly! There’s so many mechanics at work: Controls for the sunroof, the radio, the headlights. Frankiln’s special ability which is basically a mechanic from Need For Speed, there are other games in this game! There’s golf AND tennis, fully playable from the start. You can train a dog! There’s a mobile app you do it on, instant tamagotchi! There’s so much going on that I haven’t even started talking about what the game looks like, it looks gorgeous! For me graphics have never been a selling point, especially with today’s hardware at our disposal (Good graphics should be expected, not a selling point) but even i have to admit that GTA V is just a feast for the eyes. All around you there’s people, places, things going on that I’m too busy fiddling around with the radio controls to notice, but they’re there!

And that’s when it hit me…Rockstar haven’t just made a game. They’ve made a living breathing world!

That’s a lot of ground to cover…

Didn’t mean for this to sound like fanboy gushing, but I guess that’s what it’s turned into. There’s a lot to take in right from the start, but I’m sure you just get used to it. Or you can just try and zone most of it out.

Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to working out how to shoot straight.


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