Batfleck Begins

This blog isn’t going to be all about my house & my general bewilderment living in it. As it says in the title I am a geek, so it’s time for the geeky things. And why not start with possibly annoying a large portion of the geek audience?

I’ve deliberately sat on this opinion in real life & online since the news first broke, so here goes…*cough*


Seriously!?! The internet seems to have exploded into a storm of rants, petitions & entitled whining. There’s really no need, this production faces way bigger problems than Mr Affleck in my opinion.

“I’m Batman”

A lot of the rage seems to come from one thing: Daredevil. But come on everyone that was 10 years ago and possibly not as bad as you remember it being. Just think how different you are from 10 years ago? Ben Affleck is a good actor who enjoyed success, crashed hard, but then rather than disappear into Hollywood obscurity like so many others built himself up again. Have you seen The Town? Or Argo? They’re awesome.

As I mentioned previously I think this whole Batman VS Superman thing has way bigger problems than the casting of Holden Mcneil. After all it’s still the same creative team behind the messes which are Man of Steel, Green Lantern & Dark Knight Rises. One of the Main problems with MOS I though was that to say it was all about hope & inspiring mankind, it just wasn’t very uplifting. At all. As an audience member I just didn’t get behind this Superman and want him to win the day, I just wanted the film to end so i could go get a gammon steak from Harvesters. So what do Wanner Bros thin to do to address this issue? Stick in the billionaire sociopath! That will cheer the place right up! Warner Bros just seem to be going about this whole enterprise the wrong way, which is really annoying me as they don’t have half the problems that Marvel have bring their characters to the big screen. They own DC Comics lock, stock and barrel, they have full access to the whole range of DC characters.

They’ve shown up to a fight they’ve already lost. Every time Comic Con roles around the future looks brighter for Marvel (who at this point might as well start calling their panel The Victory Lap) who unveil their plans for years to come. As so they should enjoy their success, Marvel spent a long time, a lot of money and took a lot of creative risks. But they pulled it off & now there doesn’t seem to be much that can stop them, other than the actors aging eventually of course. Warner Bros are trying to go for the same thing but just feels like they’re playing it safe all the time, they’ve no real idea what their endgame is other than ‘Do a Justice League because it’ll be another Avengers so MONEY!” And using their most successful & popular character to make it to film & shoehorning him into your new film series seems to be the easy way to go. Using fans love of the last time the character was any good to generate audiences.  But that’s another point of contention for me…

I’m not a massive fan of Christian Bale’s Batman! *ducks thrown object*

Please hear me out! Sure it works in what I refer to as ‘The Nolanverse’ series of Batman films, but that’s it’s own little universe and it needs to stay that way. Just like in the comics there’s been loads of different interpretations of Batman but they’re very separate beasts & they need to stay that way, and that’s fine. At the point where Warner Bros offered Bale a reported $50 million to reprise his role as The Dark Knight two things went through my mind: 1) Holy shit that’s a lot of money! 2) You know the only reason Warner Bros wanted to do that was so they could tie ‘The Nolanverse’ films into their big Justice League film and turn round and say “Oh it’s was build up to a big cross over film just like the Marvel guys”. No, just no! It’s cutting corners and lazy and just…NO! As I said ‘The Nolanverse’ is it’s own take on batman and it needs to stay separate. It’s a realistic take on Batman and it would all look very out of place once the Amazonian princess, green space cop & alien God show up together!

So yeah now I’ve pissed a load of fellow geeks off I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Just give Mr Affleck a chance, he might not do a bad job. In fact he might be the best part of a bad job. After all he’s got the jawline to be able to do it!

PS: If you’re wondering who my personal favorite take on Batman is…


2 thoughts on “Batfleck Begins”

  1. I agree! I liked daredevil. I liked The Town. And he made a good villain in Dogma.
    Also, The Nolan Batmans aren’t batman films. They’re batman themed vigilante action films. And quite frankly the third one is a pile of Toss.
    Give Affleck a Chance!

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