I bought a salad spinner…I have no idea why I felt the need to own one, but I now have one. 

I can see the logic behind the decision: I eat a lot of salad, I need to wash the salad before I eat it, wet salad needs to be dried, ergo I need a salad spinner! Also salad is better for you when it’s dizzy supposedly. It would never occur to me to use something as simple as a tea towel or kitchen roll to dry my lettuce. When I was talking to someone about this subject they informed me that it’s apparently quite ‘middle class’ to have a salad spinner, but I don’t feel like it is or that I am. For me it’s just a simple concept: the right tool for the job. That makes sense right?

I seem to be doing this a lot lately, just buying random things for the house for super specific tasks, even though you can survive quite happily without them. Such items include a tea bag squeezer (Just use a spoon) and a set of egg poachers (Just poach eggs like you’re supposed to as those things suck! Stupid little rubber things *grumble*) . My brain doesn’t seem to comprehend that items can have multiple uses: Just because it’s called a tea towel doesn’t mean it can only be used for drying pots! It can be used for all sorts:

  1. Drying your hands
  2. Wiping spills up
  3. Help to stop a leaking tap
  4. Headwear
  5. Emergency bandage
  6. To strangle an intruder
  7. As a surrender flag (If it’s white of course. A tea towel depicting a map of Italy will not work in this case)
  8. A makeshift cape for your pet
  9. Tie several together, make a skipping rope to amuse a bored child
  10. Wadding for you cannon


The possibilities are endless! I think it’s some kind of mental block, maybe because everything to do with house management is still new to me. Sure I lived away when I was at university but this is a whole different thing, all 4 walls and everything in it is all mine to be responsible for and it’s still all very weird to me. You need the right tool for the job, that’s why the tool is there surely? How do you expect me to ball melons if I don’t have a melon baller? Why would I need to ball melons? I don’t know yet but should the situation arise I wan’t to be able to say “I’ve got that covered”!

Basically I think I just need to stay away for a Betterware catalogue at all times. It’s obviously something I’ll have to work though in my ongoing daily routine to work out a day to day routine.

So anyway I’ve started using the base of the salad spinner as a bowl for crisps when guests come over. It’s a start right?


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