New Beginings

Hello Internets!

Welcome to my blog. It was supposed to be called ‘The Domesticated Geek’ however some nice pregnant lady got it before me. So I used a thesaurus and the closet thing to ‘Domesticated’ it suggested was ‘Housebroken’, the rest as they say is history. Although in a weird twist of fate that term may be more appropriate.

What’s the reason for this blog coming to life?

I bought a house.


That’s my house, a nice little mid-terrace on the outskirts of Sheffield. Took about 9 months of building and decorating works but I am now living there all on my lonesome…and it’s really weird and grown up and I’m not sure what I’m doing with myself. Every day is just a case of me learning how to run a household and do general grown up things, I’m not doing that bad if I do say so myself. However I thought I would scribble down my thoughts and feelings about this new (rather major) lifestyle shift in this here blog. I’m sure it’ll be worth a laugh or two.

Also as stated in the title I am a geek, particularly focused on games & film. So as well as discussions on my ongoing domesticated life I’ll also take some time to discuss/analyse/rant about whatever is going on in the world of geekery that takes my fancy. I hope you’ll find that rather interesting too.

Well in short that’s my mission statement & that’s my introduction. We should do this again sometime.

Wish me luck!


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